How To Improve Your Communication Skills

It is not an exaggeration to suggest that effective communication skills are some of the most important skills you can have in your life.  Amazingly though, good communication skills are rarely worked on and many people have barriers to effective communication.  If you suffer from problems concerning verbal and non verbal communication, you will find the following article very helpful as it includes 4 powerful tips on how to communicate effectively.

Be Aware Of Your Body Language

It is important, regardless of where you are and who you are communicating with, that you pay attention to your body language.  For example, imagine your partner has asked if you will discuss something with them and while you say you are open to that discussion with your mouth; your arms are crossed and you are looking at your phone.  What does this tell your partner?  It certainly doesn’t suggest that you are interested in speaking to them about anything.

Non-written and non-verbal cues often give away more about how we are feeling and what we are thinking than you probably think.  Even when you are not explicitly or directly communicating wit your mouth – remember that you are communicating with your body.  A good tip is to think about your toes or use a “power” pose if you need a confidence boost before a big presentation or talk.  It is also helpful to research what other people’s body language can tell you, to help you respond to them more effectively.

Be Specific While Being Concise

Whether you are presenting a new strategy at work or speaking to your partner about your future plans together, your audience will lose interest quickly if you include too much useless information and don’t stay on point and keep things brief.  The word brief  actually doubles as an acronym – background, reason, information, end, follow-up.  Although this is normally applied to writing emails that are short but to the point, it is something you should consider applying to all forms of communication.  Couple this with the 7 C’s of good communication – clear, concise, courteous, complete, coherent, correct and concrete and you will be better able to get across everything you need to without being too wordy.


Develop Empathy

Another way to improve your communication skills is by developing empathy, by taking time to see someone else’s point of view.  This helps you get over much of the anxiety and difficulty you may have about communicating with others and will help you respond to others more effectively.

Listen Attentively

As important as all of the points above are, the most important tips for overcome problems with your communication skills is learning to listen properly; that is, listen attentively.  Although you probably think of communicating from the point of view as being the one communicating; listening skills are just as crucial.  Listen closely and carefully.  It can be hard work but it is worth keeping in mind that any good conversation is a string of words connected elegantly with listening.